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about us

We’d love to get to know you

The picture above will probably always be a little outdated. Dixon is growing, so it’s no surprise that you’ll see a few new faces when you come to our offices next time. That’s ok: because no matter how diverse our team and different our personalities, we share a common dna. We’re passionately personal. And we’d love to get to know you.

the story

The legend of Andrew Dixon

Have we ever told you the story of Andrew Dickson? He was the first named caddie in history, providing a loyal service to the Duke of York around 1681. Surely, other people carried clubs before him. But he was the first to provide his player with insightful advice and moral support. With knowledge of the obstacles ahead and smart strategies to surpass them. Because that’s what caddies really do: everything that is needed for their player to shine.

At Dixon & Company it is our belief that the core business and positioning of a good recruiter is that of a caddie in golf. From carrying the tools to knowing the playing field and giving strategic advice and moral support. So let’s start playing.


What we find important

Permanent Solutions

The job of a recruiter is all too often reduced to the trick of matchmaking. But we both know that’s not really what we do. We’re great listeners first, and perfect translators second. We dig deep to understand your true needs and then enrich these insights with our knowledge of the market. We then send our expert recruiters on a ruthless search for the best available talent and a hard-but-fair assessment of their competences. And when it comes to the actual matchmaking, we don’t care too much about the first few weeks. We’re in it for the long run.

Project solutions

We understand your specific needs.

Dixon offers two tailormade solutions. We can either find you an interim manager that fits your temporary vacancy perfectly, or you can choose to work with one of our carefully trained and coached project solutions. In any case, we work with qualified consultants who are passionate about turning your project into a success.

Interim Management

We believe interim managers should be judged on their immediate positive impact on your organisation. No extensive onboarding period or leisurely pace at the start to settle in quietly – it’s about immediately adding knowledge and competences your company simply can’t do without. With Dixon, you get to tap into an extensive network of trusted specialists, ready to take on your projects fast. You’ll love our tailor-made approach to contracts too.

Project Consulting

Our own Dixon consultants are forever ready. We can dispatch them at the blink of an eye and match them to any team in your company. In between working hours, they receive top quality training and coaching here at Dixon. And we immerse them in the Dixon dna. It’s your fast and guaranteed way to excellent people for your projects.