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Human Capital is a crucial consideration for the companies of today and tomorrow. The success of an organisation absolutely depends on attracting, empowering and developing the right talent. Within our network of HR professionals, we look for the key figures who can mobilise your workforce to meet your goals as an organisation.

Interim Managers

An efficient and knowledgeable HR team is indispensable. By assigning specialised professionals to flexible projects, your HR department is assured continuous staffing, the right expertise and an adaptive approach. We offer a wide range of HR solutions, carefully selected and tailored to your needs. This way you will be ‘future-people-proof’ and primed for long-term success.

Dixon Drive

Attracting the right talent will always remain a top priority. But above all, a future-people-proof organisation also has to ask itself what the workforce of today and tomorrow truly needs. That’s why, with Dixon Drive, we go a step beyond talent staffing. By focusing on talent development and talent engagement, Dixon Drive helps you to build a strong employer brand and effective talent management.

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Gestionnaire Payroll

26/08/2020 | Kortrijk

Notre client est une entreprise de distribution spécialisée dans l’interieur. On vous cherchez un job varié dans une entreprise familiale active au niveau international ? Notre client offre plusieurs possibilités!

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