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We understand your supply chain needs.


Supply chain specialists on all levels. It never takes long to single out the supply chain specialist at a social event. They have their own lingo and their own view on the world. And, if they are good at what they do, they’re in our network. Because that’s how deeply we’re rooted in supply chain management.

Interim management

Interim managers for supply chain roles. Be it transport & forwarding, warehouse operations, commercial logistics or purchasing, your teams need strong and knowledgeable leaders. Our interim managers have seen their share of the world and take pride in understanding the issues at hand in a heartbeat. They’ll have your teams cruising in no time, injecting all their knowledge and expertise as they go along.

Typical positions

We’re specialist in supply chain.

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E: supplychain@dixon.be

T: +32 3 361 01 13

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